Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"Buyer's Market" v.s. "Seller's Market"....the market is coming baaaack!

"Buyer's Market" v.s. "Seller's Market"

Did you hear about the housing market increase on the news this morning? Home Sales have gone up 12% from May 2012 to May 2013, it's the largest bump in sales in the last 7 years!  Here in Dutchess, especially in the last 2 months, we've had Buyer's putting bids on homes, that have 2-6 offers come in at the same time, causing bidding wars.  Certain homes are "flying off the shelf".  We are experiencing a "Seller's Market", The big question is how long will this last?

What is the difference between a "Seller's Market
and a "Buyer's Market"?

We have all witnessed a "Buyer's Market" over the last 5-7years....We call it a slower market for a few very good reasons...there isn't enough demand, there are too many homes to choose from, no one seems to be buying and homes are selling for less, just to get "sold". Which is great for a Buyer.

The switch from "Buyer's Market" to "Seller's Market" happens when no one expects it.  They always say, "you might not see it coming until it's too late".  When the market sales go up, sale prices go up and Buyer's are on the lookout for the chance just to find a house within the price range they can afford, hopefully avoiding a bidding war just to get the house.

So, it's happened!  It's become a "Seller's Market".  Primarily because buyers are buying and Inventory is low...!  Luckily sales prices have not sky-rocketed, 
yet...though prices are starting to increase. The demand is high, homes are getting multiple bids and going into bidding wars.  In the end, houses are being listed for a shorter time and selling above the list price!  It's a great time to sell a house!

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Quaint 1930's Period Home holds Open House April 13th, 1:00 ~ 4:00, Pop over for a look see!

OPEN HOUSE, Saturday April 13th, from 1:00-4:00

1 Green St, Beacon, NY 12508 View Map

1930 Period Home, First time being offered for sale....Very Quaint "old style" character waiting for it's new family to move in. Less than a block from Green Street Park, house is larger than it sounds on paper, yard is larger than the records say it is. This one is a must much potential and so much to love about this house, you can call your home. Taxes are $4,554.00/year

Great Family location, near Green St Park. Other Pluses: Sunroom, Stained Glass, Covered Fireplace, Beautiful Molding, Newer Updates: Roof '03-'05, Furnace 8 yrs old, 100 Amp Service '90-'95, in 2012 some Hardwood Floors Refinished, New wallboard, Ceilings & Freshly painted....Pop in & stay awhile!

Crystal De Raffele, Realtor | JonCar Realty Inc. | 451 Main St
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dutchess County Realtor Report, for Wappingers NY

The Dutchess County Realtor Report for Fishkill, NY

Rossen Reports: Popular smoke alarms may go off too late, experts warn - Today Show 10/3/12 - YouTube

If you missed this safety's a must see! Go & check your Smoke Detectors....! 
If you have the Ionization type, it could kill you, these are proven to be too slow to go off, 
in some cases almost 24 minutes after smoke is filling a room.  

It's recommended to have Photoelectric Smoke Alarms in every bedroom
....your families lives are worth it.   

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Click the link below to see the video on this Report.....

Rossen Reports: Popular smoke alarms may go off too late, experts warn - Today Show 10/3/12 - YouTube:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Barbara Corcoran's Top 10 Lessons in the Hudson Valley, NY

Barbara Corcoran, Celebrity Broker, Keynote Speaker for TEG Federal Credit Union's day of real estate workshops, in Fishkill, NY.  The greatly admired, self-made millionaire, was inspiring to the crowd.  She fondly describes times of struggle, loss, failure and her successes...big & small.  She quickly stops the crowd from clapping for the $66 million sale of her business...saying "never clap for someone who made money than you.", throwing in, "that money's already spent".  Barbara was a straight D student, who knew her personality & street smarts could compete with the big guys, and having a big mouth was her biggest asset. Which bring us to her #1 Lesson, "Perception creates Reality".  She tells how she "faked it 'til she made it", this catapulted her small company to stardom, giving her the title "Celebrity Broker". "I didn't have money for advertising, so I had to be creative."  It was all about talking a good game...

The gift of a life time..."You'll never succeed without me" was her insurance policy for success. After relationship split, she parted ways with her first agency, She took half of the company and started on her road to success, her creative marketing ideas, like phony Market Reports and articles about non-existent celebrity clients, got her foot in the door with who's who of who's hot now. Hitching her company to the next big thing made people take notice.  A Corcoran Report she wrote on Trumps' condos sales took her to an intimidating one-on-one meeting with Donald, to discuss how they weren't #1 in sales.  Using price per foot changed the result & created a market trend. Trump took her report, re-titled it, "Trump Tower the most expensive address in the world" gave her a tiny one-line credit, paid for a full page ad in the NY Times.  She asked for more credit, he had it re-printed....they became best buddies, she promoted him, he promoted her, a few lawsuits later, she laughs it off...

A delightful speaker, she brings  laughs with her honesty, inspires creativity, imparts the power of play & how to be mean for the right reason,  She tells you who to hire as a sales staff and who not, and when to fire them, "Shoot the Dog Early", if someone is just not the right fit for sales or on the team.  She says get rid of the "Complainers", no matter how well they sell. She fired staff every few months.  She shows how important it is to thank your employees, shut off the world when you're home with family, chose which battles to fight and how to take on the big guy....To be inside her business mind & think her crazy marking ideas would work, like "writing a made-up article will put me on the map", brings marketing back to basics. You have to be your own ad hoc, writer, advert, publicist, manager, promoter...if aren't your own #1 fan, you can't get others to buy into you.  Barbara Corcoran the real deal, she opened a Real Estate Agency with $1,000 in 1973 and sold for $66 million in 2001....a great day in the real estate business....She did all this with "ribbons in her hair", afterall...a gal's got to have an angle.  It inspires one to dream big & when you work hard, use your creativity you can get somewhere too...One of the most important lessons we can all live by, Do what you love and the money will follow....

~The Dutchess County Realtor